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Laaaate date theme, but the theme is still open, so whatevs. It's an actual post! 8D

My, would you look at that pianist...Collapse )


I found this forum today, and i'll tell now something about myself.

Favourite V-host:Sena satsuki, (i also like Ryoma)
Favourite Brand:Justin Davis, and random
I'm girl but wearing like gyaru-o/host/rock styled boy. :D.
I hope i have got fun in this forum and make new friends! Feel free to comment
ps. I'm more activity in ameba -> http://profile.ameba.jp/reiboy/



Offbrand Jewelry Finds!

I went to Michaels craft store today for other things and got distracted by some of the awesome stuff in the jewelry-making section. I came home, got out my pliers and wire cutters, and put it all together. If you don't mind a little effort for your jewelry, it's seriously a good place to look!

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Pic Dumping?

I guess lately I've been more influenced by V-host style. Since this comm isn't very active, I'm not sure exactly what's allowed to post and what's not.

I normally dress in visual kei style, anyway, but lately I've toned down the makeup and been less feminine. I'm not sure if what I wear would be considered v-host, but I've really been trying to get into this style.

How's my driving?Collapse )

I don't have a lot of money, so does anyone have any advice on how to pull off this style better while on a budget?


Name: Danny
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Favourite V-host: I really don't know.
Favourite Brand: I don't pay much attention to labels but if I like it, I'll wear it. XD
Comment: I got interested in this style mostly thanks to magazine scans of Men's Egg, Men's Knuckle...etc. but know very few people I can get information/feedback about it from, so this seemed like the right place to check out. ^^


A night on the town~

Alright, time for a post~!
Tonight I was going for a dinner and some drinks, and decided
to make use of my new items and haircut and jazz it up a little.
V-hosu style!


Name: Tara
Age: 21
Gender: female, but I don't think it matters much in fashion
Favourite V-host: I don't keep up with who is who.
Favourite Brand: none. I can't afford to be picky. I search by price and looks, not labels.
Comment: I'm new to this style, but I really like it and would like to learn about it.

Welcome All!

Right then. I hope that this community flourishes and that I and members that join will be able to share with each other
great style and news!

I am the maintainer of the Comm, so I will try my best to keep this going and to keep everything in order.

(for profile in Japanese: p20.chip.jp/emichoco it's just in general though)

Name: Emi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Favourite V-host: Sena from Osaka's Club RIA!!
Favourite Brand: Lagust/Vanquish/Justin Davis/Sixh/Algonquins/BPN
Comment: I wish I could afford Justin Davis..... DD: (Even Second hand I have to really consider it...)

Getting my hair cut soon in a cool style, so I will post pictures then~

Even though I am a girl, I have been really emmersed with the world of Japanese men's fashion.
I used to collect Men's Egg many moons ago, and then a few months ago started getting scans of Host magazines.
Since around 06' I have been checking events and rankings on Host-2 and talking to a few hosts on Mixi.
I love Visual Kei and gothic/punk fashions, so when this hybrid men's fashion came into light - I was overjoyed!!